Finding the Best Home Carpet


Recarpeting your home can refresh its look and provide insulation from temperature and sound, making it a great investment. However, ensuring you pick the best home carpet for your renovation dollar is key to reaping the benefits.


The texture is an aspect of carpeting that home buyers should carefully consider. Plush carpets can hide footprints and vacuum cleaner trails and work well in just about any room. Berber loop pile carpets have a rugged surface and their natural look can create a very inviting, personal ambiance in a home. Cut-pile carpets are very versatile and have the feel of plush carpets with some of the durability of loop pile carpets.


The color of your carpet should complement the design of the room you’re carpeting. Also, your color choice may need to take into consideration the amount and type of traffic it is likely to receive. For rooms that frequently host kids and dogs, darker color to offset the stains and spills that could occur is probably a good choice. The carpet may also need to be chosen with thought to the amount of sunlight the room gets. Rooms with little or no sunlight will often benefit from light-colored floor coverings.

Consider the room you’re carpeting

Some rooms are more carpet-friendly than others. It is probably common sense to most people, but it should be noted that installing carpet in high splash areas such as kitchens, laundries or bathrooms is not recommended. If you install carpet in areas that frequently come into contact with water, chances are mildew will form, creating an unpleasant smell and possible health hazards such as mold. Stick to other areas such as living rooms, hallways, studies, and bedrooms.

Choose carpet material carefully

There’s a wide variety of carpeting materials from which to choose, each offering unique benefits. For example, wool carpets are durable, but they’re also costly and can be tough to clean. Polyester and acrylic carpet is cheaper but can become worn looking rather quickly, particularly if they’re installed in high-traffic areas. Nylon home carpets are fairly affordable, and hold up well over time, although they can cause static and become dust-collectors.

Get samples

Don’t just pick your new carpet out of a book. When buying home carpet be sure to see samples in each room, so you can get a better idea of how it will look in the room and how it goes with another decor.


Once you buy your carpet and install it, you will need to invest in its upkeep. Like any other home investment, a carpet must be maintained for you to realize its benefits. Regular vacuuming and occasional deep-cleaning, dry cleaning or shampooing will help maintain the quality of the carpet, and help it retain its color and aesthetic appeal.


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